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I'm just waking up at the crack of sunset, after an insane 60 hour burn of auditions, writing, shooting and post-production. We had an amazing week, and we have some awesome new On-Air Talents who have joined Team Topless Sports News.

The new show will be posted in a few hours at WWW.TOPLESSSPORTSNEWS.COM with this week's guest anchor, VERONICA RAYNE! Veronica is a hot Sicilian porn star, who is from everyone's favorite Valley, by way of Boston. Check her out and send us your feedback!

So, I wake up knowing that the Monday Night Football game would be lame as ever, and it doesn't effect my Fantasy League, since I just traded Marvin Harrison for Clinton Portis, a mere hours before Portis busted his hand, killing my season. So instead - I'm going to give you my Fave Five Sports Sites. These are the ones I read dailyto find interesting stories and also, because I think they either offer the best writers or the best overall formats. The list is in order of my personal preference, and of course, I'm excluding my site

1. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED - S.I. is the perfect combination of quality writing, wire reports, and columnists. Their Truth and Rumors" section is the original, and I also think the site looks the best. The occasional bonus feature from their magazine is always great, and they rarely zap you with extra charges, which is my biggest complaint about ESPN's worthless site. Sports illustrated is the gold standard in both print and on the web.

2. FOX SPORTS - I've only recently returned to Fox Sports after a 2 or 3 year break. I'm not a fan of Rupert Murdoch or Fox New Channel, but I have to admit, they know how to make a visually stimulating and informative site, whether it's on the internet or on the television. The main reason for their high placement on my list is their RUMORS section. Fox's rumors section actually out does S.I's version, because where S.I. excerpts on or two sentences from the original story, Fox Sports writes a synopsis paragraph and INCLUDES THE LINK to the original story! That's a major bonus, however S.I's writing is clearly superior to al of the other sites, with the exception of certain Newspapers, so Fox is likely peaking at number 2.

3. Deadspin - Deadspin is one of the first great sports sites to come out of the blogosphere. They have original content that combines humor and plenty of my beloved links. What on first glance appears to be a five miute read can keep you planted to your desk chari fror two hours as Deadspin guides you through the blogosphere better than any other site out there.

4. Yahoo Sports - (Or, you could just click on Yahoo and then on sports) Yahoo has always had the best Fantsy Leagues, as far as I'm concerned, so I spend a lot of time on this site. Their Sports site has made tremendous gains over the last 3 years. They gained a lot of momentum in my eyes when they recruited columnsit Dan Wetzel away from CBS Sportsline. Wetzel was their top columnist at the time, and Sportsline has never recovered, becoming essentially a place to seek wire stories. Wetzel posts several columns aeach week, along with sevral experts working exclusively for Yahoo. They also have a great listing of several of the top columnists in the country. However, they are lagging in the link department which keeps them below Deadspin and especially Fox Sports.

5. Boston Globe - The Boston Globe is the best Newspaper Sports Section in the country. They invented the News and Notes section decades ago, they have the best columnists, and I grew up in Boston. The Globe has the best Celtics coverage by a mile, 'NUFF SAID! The only reason they aren't higher on the list is because the paper can't keep up with the sites content-wise, and while their Sunday postings have some of the thickest and highest quality content, the rest of the week is kind of slow.

So there's my list. What sites would you include on your list?

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